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A bit of background...

Our Story

Hailing originally from Lancashire, we used to make cheese at our little house in Rossendale where we purchased frozen raw goats milk from a friend at a farm in North Yorkshire. Unfortunately, using frozen milk limited our choice of cheese making and we had an unexpected opportunity arise where we were able to relocate to North Wales, so we did!

After settling in, we managed to find a location for our newly acquired small herd of goats where we could make cheese using our own supply of raw, fresh goat milk. Since then, we were kindly offered to gain more experience working with another local dairy, Cosyn Cymru who make fantastic raw Ewe's milk products and are now working in their dairy producing our goats cheese.

We had a deep love for North Wales before moving here and living in North Wales has only reinforced that fact. This is why our own cheeses adopt a strong Welsh presence that we are proud of.

Our Products

Our products are very much raw milk focused. We feel that the added benefits of raw milk are something which should be celebrated and promoted. As well as this, we work closely with the suppliers of our milk to ensure the whole supply chain benefits fairly from our products being sold. From our brief foray into goat-keeping, we are well aware of how arduous the task is!

As well as making our own line of cheeses, we are also keen to offer other raw goat milk products. This is something we are currently working on so please stay tuned with our social media and newsletter so we can let you know when they are available and how you can get your hands on them!

Brad and Beth
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