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Fresh Seasonal Cheeses Made By Us

Gafr Wen, our soft spreadable curd

Gafr Wen
Soft Raw Goat Cheese

Yr Afr, our flagship cheese

Yr Afr
Our Aged Raw Goat Milk Cheese


About Us

As self-admitted cheese addicts, myself and my wife (Brad and Beth) attempted to make cheese at our old home.


How hard could it be right?

Well, years later, we relocated to North Wales, acquired our own small herd of goats that supplied us with raw milk and have created cheeses that we are thrilled with. We have since now moved to Bethesda where we share a space with Cosyn Cymru!

Check out our 'About Us' page to read more about our story, our herd and our products!

One of our most important employee's!


Wacky Wedge offers raw milk goat cheeses. As well as this, we are currently working on future raw goat milk products we are able to offer.

Our focus is to highlight the benefit of raw milk products and the ever-changing nature that they provide in terms of taste throughout the year.

Please feel free to browse our store, contact us for further enquiries or even come to the dairy in Bethesda. We are open everyday 2PM - 5PM and the address can be found on our 'Contact Us' page.


From Our Goats, With Love


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